[Exclusive] Aespa with the lyrics of the song ‘Lee Soo Man Planting Trees’ → ‘Drama’ a spectacular transformation


The arrangement of the song 'Planting Trees' is said to be the reason why the group's comeback at the beginning of the year was delayed

'Planting Trees' appears in the draft lyrics
에스파가 신곡 Drama를 발표했다. <더팩트 border=

Source: SM Ent

[The Fact | Reporter Jeong Byeong Geun] It has been confirmed that girl group Aespa's new song 'Drama' is a curious song with the so-called 'Lee Soo Man Planting Trees' earlier this year.

Aespa released their 4th mini album 'Drama' on the 10th. While the title song of the same name 'Drama' started to gain popularity, <The Fact> reported that 'Drama' is the song that the former SM Entertainment (SM) executive producer Lee Soo Man always insisted on using the lyrics of 'Planting Trees' in Aespa's new song. Then, with the change in the company system, both the song and the lyrics were completely reborn.

A music industry official revealed to <The Fact>, "I understand that the song's atmosphere has completely changed from the original version because of the changed melody, new arrangement, and lyrics." The song was also rewritten."

In the video released last February, former SM director Lee Sung Soo mentioned the context of Aespa's late return, saying: "At that time, suddenly former director Lee Soo Man pressed strongly planted trees and insisted on including relevant lyrics in Aespa's new song and since then the song's release has been cancelled."

Former director Lee said, "The members of Aespa were heartbroken when they heard the news," but <The Fact> also grasped the chorus of the draft lyrics. Korean lyrics that visually symbolize nature such as 'Sustainability' with the meaning of 'sustainability without destroying the environment', 'Water sunlight wind, 'Planting trees'.
에스파는 전작 Spicy로 폭발적인 사랑을 받았다. 이어 당당한 자신감을 담은 신곡 Drama로 스펙트럼을 넓혔다. 사진은 10월 10일 열린 2023 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈에서 월드와이드 아이콘 부문을 수상하던 당시 모습. /장윤석 기자

Source: SM

'What U wanna do what U gonna do It's all over and I'll come back again to be or not to be / Got it someone like some new, start Paradigm with all my strength / Wind of Light Sun Water Wind Sunlight Water, We add what we've got to make a tree Plant / High faithful words, don't forget, and this is call so what about' (draft chorus lyrics )

In general, it is said that as the story with the theme of challenges and confidence overcoming adversity is passing, the above lyrics appear quite unexpectedly. This is the part where you can feel former general director Lee Soo Man's will towards "planting trees".

Espa's new song 'Drama', which erases traces of 'Planting Trees', is a hip-hop dance song with powerful drums and complex synth bass, and the lyrics contain a self-centered attitude. believe that every story starts with me. The members' unique rap and powerful high notes combine to create excitement. The lyrics of the chorus also express the song's theme of confidence in an addictive way.

'Yeah I'm coming I bring I bring all the Drama-ma-ma-ma I bring Drama-ma-ma-ma / With my girls in the back Girls in the back Drama / Trauma-ma-ma-ma I break Trauma-ma-ma-ma / With MY WORLD in the back Dramas all start with me (All that) Drama-ma-ma-ma (Bring it that)' (current chorus of 'Drama' version )
이수만 총괄 체제에서 정체성이 불문명한 상태로 표류했던 곡은 SM 3.0 시대의 멀티 프로덕션 체제에서 에스파의 당당함과 자신감을 오롯이 드러내는 힙합 댄스곡 Drama로 환골탈태했다. /SM엔터

Source: Reporter Chang Yun Seok
  Aespa received explosive love with his previous work 'Spicy'. After that, they expanded their scope of activities with the new song "Drama", which contains confidence. Photo taken when the group was awarded the Global Icon award at '2023 The Fact Music Awards' held on October 10. /Reporter Jang Yoon Seok

This song, which drifted into oblivion under Lee Soo Man's management system, was adapted into 'Drama', a hip-hop dance song that fully demonstrates Aespa's confidence in the system. Multi-production system of SM 3.0 era.

Due to the confusion over the lyrics, Aespa did not include this song when making a comeback with the mini album vol.3 'My World' in May. And the title track at that time was 'Spicy'. The album sold more than 2 million copies, and 'Spicy' not only took the number one spot on many daily music charts, but also had a very 'long' time, ranking 4th in the technical charts Monthly numbers for May and June on Circle Chart.

Starting with 'MY WORLD', Aespa stepped from 'Gwangya' to 'reality' and conveyed the spirit of freedom and spiritual energy through 'Spicy'. Next, the new song Drama expanded its scope with powerful music filled with confidence. Aespa, who has received positive reviews from major foreign media, said: "Continuing to prove its difference" plans to continue its positive activities with 'Drama '.


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