RIIZE, TWS, BABYMONSTER,... K-POP rookies receive attention at the US Grammy




On the 26th, through the official homepage, 11 rookie groups were nominated.

그룹 라이즈, TWS, 보이넥스트도어, NCT WISH(왼쪽 위부터 시계방향) 등이 미국 그래미닷컴이 선정한 2024 주목해야할 K팝 신인 11팀 목록에 이름을 올렸다. /SM엔터테인먼트, 플레디스엔터테인먼트, KOZ엔터테인먼트

Source: SM Entertainment, PLEDIS Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment

[The Fact | Reporter Gong Mina] Groups RIIZE,TWS, BABYMONSTER, etc. have been named among the 11 K-pop rookie groups scheduled to perform this year selected by the Grammys in the United States.


Grammy has announced 11 notable Kpop rookie groups (11 Rookie K-Pop Acts To Know In 2024). The groups included in this list are BABYMONSTER, BoyNextDoor, I'LL-IT, Kiss of Life, , NiziU, RIIZE, NCT WISH, Triple S, TWS and VCHA.



그룹 베이비몬스터는 YG엔터테인먼트가 블랙핑크 이후 7년 만에 내놓은 걸그룹이다. /YG엔터테인먼트

Source: YG Entertainment


Grammy explained about BABYMONSTER: "They will continue the girlcrush concept of 2NE1 and YG Entertainment's senior Blackpink."



Regarding BoyNextDoor, the company introduced: "BoyNextDoor is the first boy group produced by Hybe's KOZ Entertainment subsidiary.


Regarding the upcoming group, I'LL-IT is predicted: "Although they have not yet announced their music to the world, they will become Hybe's impressive girl group. After Le Sserafim and New Jeans, the group will become another strong girl group for Hybe."



Regarding Kiss of Life, "It's a four-member group with a feminine concept" and pointed out, "Member Natty's solo song 'Sugarcoat', which reminds us of Y2K R&B, is one of the notable hits." most surprising in Korea last year."



그룹 니쥬, VCHA, 아일릿, 캣츠아이(왼쪽 위부터 시계방향)은 JYP엔터테인먼트, 하이브가 오디션 프로그램을 통해 결성한 그룹이다. /JYP엔터테인먼트, 하이브x게펜 레코드


Source: JYP Entertainment, HYBE x Geffen Records

Regarding JYP Entertainment's Japan-based girl group NiziU, "They released their first official K-pop song last year and are the biggest girl group in recent years."


Additionally, Grammy said SM Entertainment will be the busiest K-pop company in the music industry by 2024 and said: “SM will likely be even busier in the K-pop scene this year thanks to the growth of RIIZE. ”


Regarding NCT's last unit, NCT WISH, "As they were about to debut, they released pre-debut singles 'Hands Up' and 'We Go!' at the end of last year, they spread dynamic and bright energy around the world."

그래미닷컴 선정 2024년 주목해야 할 K-팝 신인 11팀에 이름을 올린 중소기획사 소속 그룹은 트리플에스(왼쪽)와 키스오브라이프 두 팀이다. /모드하우스, S2엔터테인먼트


Source: MODHAUS, S2 Entertainment


About TripleS, Loona producer Jaden Jeong said: "The team will make you feel like you are choosing your own adventure book."


Regarding TWS, "This is the first boy group launched by Pledis Entertainment in 9 years since Seventeen, and is also the most anticipated new K-pop group this year."



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