Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) announced the official list of promoted members in 2024

Jungkook, Soyeon, Vernon, Code Kunst, Ahn Jiyoung,... all appear on the list.


사단법인 한국음악저작권협회가 공식 홈페이지를 통해 총 30명의 2024년도 정회원 승격 명단을 공개했다. 한음저협은 2024년 1월 기준 5만1000여 명의 작사, 작곡가의 저작 재산권을 신탁 관리하고 있다. /한음저협



Source: KOMCA

[THE FACTㅣReporter Kang Il-hong] Famous singer-songwriters such as Jungkook, Soyeon, Vernon, Code Kunst and Jiyoung Ahn were listed in the list of those promoted to official membership by the Association Korean Music Copyright this year.


On the 31st, the Korean Music Copyright Association (Chairman Chu-yeol Chu) announced the list of 30 people promoted to official members for 2024 on the association's official website.


This year's list of members promoted by the Korean Music Association includes Jungkook (Jeon Jung Kook) of BTS, Soyeon (Jeon So-yeon) of (G)I-DLE), Vernon of Seventeen (Choi Han- sol) and Ahn Ji- of BOL4 young and Ahn Ye-eun, top K-pop singers, including a large number of musicians.


As an idol singer-songwriter, BTS's Jungkook directly participated in writing lyrics and composing songs that are loved around the world such as Seven, Still With You and Dreamers. He is the fourth member of BTS to be on the list of regular members of the Korean Music Association, after SUGA became a regular member in 2018 and RM and J-Hope became regular members in 2020.

Soyeon, leader of Korea's iconic girl group (G)I-DLE, and Vernon, member of boy group Seventeen, are the first groups in the history of the Korean music industry to achieve album sales initially 5 million and already has a global fan base, was also selected for promotion to official membership.



한음저협이 공개한 올해 정회원 승격자 명단에는 방탄소년단 정국(전정국), (여자)아이들 소연(전소연), 세븐틴 버논(최한솔), 볼빨간사춘기 안지영, 안예은 등 K-POP을 이끌고 있는 싱어송라이터들이 대거 포함됐다. /한음저협

Source: KOMCA


Each person participated in writing, composing and producing their group's b-side songs and title songs, including SEVENTEEN's 'Tomboy', 'Queencard', 'Nxde', 'Monster', 'Fire' , and 'Super'. By participating, he is building his career and reputation as a musician.

The regular membership promotion list that the Korean Music Association announced at the beginning of the year is attracting a lot of public attention because it helps the public identify famous idol singer-songwriters as well as Lyricists and composers who are raising the profile of K-pop music.



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