‘Immortal Songs’, a special episode of TVXQ is being prepared... Idol after 9 years


‘TVXQ Special’ was recorded on February 5... The broadcast date has not been determined yet.

그룹 동방신기가 KBS2 불후의 명곡에서 특급 무대를 펼친다. /KBS
Source: KBS

[The FactㅣReporter Moon Hwa Young] Group TVXQ will participate as a kpop legend in Immortal Songs.

On the 1st, the production team of the entertainment program Immortal Songs (KBS) said: "We would like to confirm the special episode of artist TVXQ and will conduct filming on February 5." This special episode is a special episode for idol artists after 9 years of appearing in the program God Special in 2015 and is also the first time TVXQ participates in the program Immortal Songs.

The juniors also gathered when TVXQ - a legend in the idol world - appeared on the show Immortal Songs. With the participation of many artists such as Irene & Seulgi (Red Velvet), ONF, LAPOEM, KARD, ZEROBASONE and JD1, the artists will recreate TVXQ's famous songs in a new way.

This affirms TVXQ's musical influence and important position in the K-pop industry, while also demonstrating 'immortal' innovation efforts. TVXQ, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last December, will meet fans with a meaningful performance on 'Immortal Songs'.

The recording will be conducted at the publicity room of KBS's new building on February 5. TVXQ is expected to look back on 20 years of non-stop running and collaborate with junior artists to respect musical heritage.

The production team of Immortal Songs said: "We were hoping for idols to appear in the special episode of TVXQ. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 2nd generation idol group, we will show our strength. of Kpop leading the world today".

Immortal Songs is a program where many singers reinterpret famous songs of many different genres, broadcast at 6:10 p.m. (Korean time) every Saturday since 2012. Broadcast date of the program TVXQ has not yet been decided.


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