Billie donates profits from selling MD to the deaf


Donate 3 million won with Belllie've

그룹 빌리(Billlie)가 디지털 싱글 앨범 1월 0일(a hope song)의 MD 판매 수익금을 기부했다. /미스틱스토리

[The FactㅣIntern reporter Choi Soobin] Girlgroup Billie has spread good influence with the Belllie've fandom.

Snail of Love, an established association, announced on the 1st, "Billlie together with his fans donated 3 million won to support the hearing impaired. The money donated this time will be used for a project that supports audio companionship for the deaf."

The donation was made by matching the proceeds from the MD sales of Billie's digital single album 'January 0 (a hope song)' released on the 2nd of last month by the management company. Mystic Story.

Billie previously did the 'Sign Language Challenge' along with the release of her new song 'January 0 (a hope song)' and received positive reviews from K-pop fans at home and abroad water. After doing the 'language challenge' with the members' ideas, the song 'a hope song' contains the desire to bring hope to everyone who listens to the song and communicate in more languages, like the song's subtitles.

Billie will release their first mini album 'Knock-on Effect' in Japan on the 7th. They will then hold the concert 'Billlie SHOW-CON "Domino Effect" IN JAPAN' at Zepp Haneda in Tokyo on the 7th and 9th to meet local fans.


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