Radio Star "After Party" Yuna, reason for dieting… “All idols today are beautiful.”.


My idol is Lee Hyori... “I think you're living your own life.”

그룹 ITZY 유나가 요즘 워낙 다 예뻐서 식단 관리를 하고 있다고 밝혔다. /유튜브 채널 뒤풀이 스타
Source: After Party YouTube channel

[The FactㅣMunhwayoung reporter] ITZY Yuna shared her thoughts on self-management.

The reason why Yuna practices thorough self-management is included in the entertainment program on the show 'Radio Star', released on the 1st. In the 5th year of her debut, she revealed the typical difficulties of idol that must be constantly managed.

‘Radio Star’ is the first digital side project of MBC's entertainment program and is a new type of content. It will be released through the official YouTube channel of 'Radio Star' and will reveal stories that have not been told on air.

On this day, MC Kim Kook-jin and Jang Do-yeon praised Yuna and said, "I think she will receive a lot of talk show invitations. Her talking style is very good. " He also asked: “Do you intend to act?”

Yuna dismissed the idea and said, “Later, when the time comes,” but replied, “Being a singer is fun.” He continued, "Actually, I'm a music illiterate and a bastard so when I was young, I was very embarrassed and hurt when judging the performance. However, I learned to sing and dance , and before I knew it, I smiled and did it. I performed on stage like I have done since debut and people loved it. I felt so happy." remember.

He also said, "After debuting and feeling responsible, I had to be careful with what I said. I was surrounded by noise on stage and when I entered the hotel room it was so quiet that I do not know what to do". do. I felt like I didn't have my own world, so I thought I should have my own thoughts." “I heard that,” he said.

He also mentioned managing himself as an idol.

On this day, Yuna was asked by the MCs: "Do you care about your diet?" and she replied: "I'm interested. The clothes are tight and the faces are also close up. Right? all the idols these days have pretty faces?"

He also revealed that he worries about his image every day. "Anyway, people only look at you if you're prettier. There are a lot of people who are really beautiful," he explained.

Jang Do-yeon, who heard this, said, "It's survival. It's almost a forest. It's a forest." Kim Gook-jin advised, "Being beautiful is good, but being a cool person is important. Even if you don't see the face, you will feel like you are a 'cool guy'."

In addition, Yuna chose Lee Hyori as her idol. Yuna said: "I was waiting for the photo shoot when my senior came to meet me wearing a dress and slicked back hair. The moment I met her like this, I understood her and she has charisma. She as cool as I want." to be like her."

Next, he emphasized, "It seems like you're living your own life. I pretended to be cute to be liked, but after seeing senior Hyori Lee, I learned how to act cool."


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