Song Jong-ki becomes a North Korean defector... ‘Loh Kiwan’ confirmed to release on Netflix on March 1.



Even Choi Seong-eun participated... The intense romantic drama was released worldwide.



배우 송중기와 최성은 주연의 넷플릭스 영화 로기완이 공개일을 확정했다. /넷플릭스


Source: Netflix

[The FactㅣReporter Kim Saet-byeol] The story of North Korean defector Song Jong-ki and wandering Choi Seong-eun is expected to have a profound long-term impact.

Netflix released the poster and teaser trailer on the 1st, announcing: "The movie 'Loh Kiwan' will be released on March 1." The preview video alone has raised expectations about the story that Song Jong-ki will tell after becoming a stranger.

'Loh Kiwan' is a movie about a North Korean defector, Ki-wan (played by Song Jong-ki), who goes to Belgium with his last hope of survival, and Marie (played by Choi Seong-eun) , a young girl. The woman lost her reason to live, the lover.

The teaser poster shows Loh Kiwan standing alone in a crowd. In a strange land and among strange people, Ro Ki-wan shows his steadfast determination with his steadfast appearance and steadfast eyes. Here, the line “I decided to survive in this land” foreshadows the difficult journey of Ro Ki-wan, who arrives in Belgium with his last hope.

Additionally, as seen in 'My Name is Loh Kiwan', it adds to the curiosity about the story and the image of a stranger having to prove his existence in a strange place where language is not spoken. speak. ​

The trailer documents Loh Kiwan's difficult journey alone to Belgium. Loh Kiwan, who waited nervously and impatiently in front of the immigration authorities, finally arrived in Belgium, but had to face the lonely reality of enduring the bitter cold and hunger in a strange place, where he had nothing and could not speak the language.

Loh Kiwan calmly states his name and nationality to be recognized as a refugee, his last hope and the moment he risked his life to come here intersect, showing a cross-section of his desperate life. Older brother.

However, in response to the cold answer that there was no way to prove that he was from North Korea, the scene of Loh Kiwan collapsing on the cold floor as if he could no longer bear it was pitiful. Then Marie appeared before him, wandering and losing her reason to live.

At the same time, Loh Kiwan's voice "I have come this far with the determination to survive no matter what happens to this earth" left a strong impression.

‘Loh Kiwan’ will be released in more than 190 countries around the world via Netflix on March 1.



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