'Dune: Part 2' Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya confirm their visit to Korea.


Two-day schedule in Seoul on the 21st and 22nd... Debut on the 28th.
듄: 파트2 티모시 샬라메와 젠데이아 등 주역들이 21~22일 양일간 내한해 국내 관객들과 만난다. /워너브러더스 코리아㈜

Source: Warner Brothers Korea Co., Ltd

[The Fact|Reporter Park Ji-yoon] Timothee Chalamet visits Korea for the first time in 5 years with ‘Dune: Part 2’.

Distributor Korea Warner Bros. announced on the 5th, "'Dune: Part 2' director Denis Villeneuve and actors Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Austin Butler and Stellan Skarsgård will visit Korea." They are planning to do various schedules in Seoul over the next two days, the 21st and 22nd.

Above all, news about Timothée Chalamet's visit to Korea is attracting the attention of domestic audiences. Timothee Chalamet, who has built a solid fandom in Korea through several works such as 'Call Me by Your Name' and 'Don't Look Up', plans to meet the domestic audience for the first time in 5 years. years and created precious memories after attending the 2019 Busan International Film Festival. .

In addition, Zendaya, who is known for playing MJ in the 'Spider-Man' film series, as well as Austin Butler and Stellan Skarsgård, confirmed their first visit to Korea, further increasing audience expectations. domestic.

They are expected to meet domestic media and audiences through various events on the 21st and 22nd, detailed schedules will be announced later.

'Dune: Part 2' is an action blockbuster in which Paul (Timothée Chalamet), who awakens after realizing his abilities, seeks his destiny as a warrior on a journey. revenge. It will be released on the 28th.


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