TXT SooBin donated 100 million won to Seoul Children's Hospital


The donated money will be used for disabled children

그룹 투모로우바이투게더 멤버 수빈이 서울시 어린이병원에 1억 원을 기부했다. /더팩트 DB

Source: The Fact DB

[The Facts | Reporter Gong Mi Na] Member SooBin of the group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) 'share the sweet and the bitter'.


Seoul Children's Hospital announced on the 5th: "SooBin donated 100 million won to severely disabled children on the 31st of last month."


According to the hospital, of the 100 million won donated by SooBin, 20 million won will be used to pay for treatment of hospitalized patients with severe disabilities such as brain damage and patients in vulnerable groups. Injured patients need physical and mental rehabilitation treatment, 80 million won will be used for projects to improve the treatment environment.


Director of Nam Min Children's Hospital said: "Starting from SooBin, we will remember the hearts of future supporters, we will also seek and provide additional support to at least one family without health that is not covered by any benefits this year".


TXT - Soobin's group was nominated in the Group/Duo of the Year category at the American Popular Culture awards ceremony "2024 People's Choice Awards" taking place on May 18. The company will host the fan live PRESENT X TOGETHER from 2~3 days to celebrate 5 years of debut at Handball Stadium, Olympic Park, Songpa District, Seoul.


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