IU exclusively wrote lyrics for all songs in her new album in collaboration with Hyein (NewJeans)


The track list of the 6th mini album 'The Winning' has been revealed

아이유가 새 앨범 The Winning 트랙리스트를 공개했다. 뉴진스 혜인이 수록곡 Shh.. 피처링에 참여했다. /EDAM엔터, 더팩트 DB

Source: EDAM Ent, The Fact DB

[The Fact | Jeong Byeong Geun reporter] IU collaborated with Hyein (NewJeans) on a new song.

On the 5th, management company EDAM Entertainment posted the tracklist video for IU's 6th mini album 'The Winning' on the official SNS channel. Teaser of the album's songs in the form of an online shopping mall's shopping list. Looking at the details, the album is a double title song and features Hyein's participation in the collection of songs in her album.

The album's avatar along with 5 songs have been announced including the title track 'Shopper' and 'Hol ssi', 'Shh..' to 'I Stan U' and the pre-release track 'Love Wins' All', announcing the return of the digital music queen. At the bottom is the release date and the phrase 'Let's go Haul'.

In particular, at the end of the video, IU's clear voice said 'Oh I want all I must have all, all', heightening expectations for the new album.

As a producer, IU put a lot of effort into preparing the song for a long time, from composing to every detail. In particular, it is worth noting that she is said to be the sole lyricist for all songs.

아이유는 Shopper와 홀씨를 더블 타이틀곡으로 내세웠다. 사진은 새 앨범 트랙리스트. /EDAM엔터

Source: EDAM Ent


First, the title song 'Shopper' was written and written by musician Lee Chae Kyu with IU's longtime music partner and musician Lee Jong Hoon - with whom he has performed many big hit songs such as 'Leon', 'Twenty-three', 'BBIBBI'... In addition to musician Lee Jong Hoon, Lee Chae Gyu also had IU's participation in composing and writing lyrics for the title song 'Hol-ssi'

Besides, talented artists Hong So Jin, Seo Dong Hwan, Jehwi and Kim Hee Won joined forces to improve the perfection of the mini album. In particular, track 3 'Shh..' aroused the public's curiosity when she featured with singer-songwriter Jo Won Sun and member of the group NewJeans Hyein.

At 6:00 pm (KST) February 20, IU will release all the songs in 'The Winning' through major online music platforms.


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