G-Dragon to make a comeback in the second half of the year... “The specific date has not been determined.”

Last December, he left YG and transferred to Galaxy Corporation.

가수 지드래곤이 하반기 컴백을 예고했다. 아직 구체적인 시기는 정해지지 않았다. /더팩트 DB

Source: The Fact DB


[The FactㅣReporter Mun Hwayoung] Singer G-Dragon announced his activities in the second half of the year.


On the 18th, an official from G-Dragon's agency, Galaxy Corporation, told <The Fact>, "G-Dragon will make a comeback with a new song in the second half of the year. The exact time has not been determined." This is the first time G-Dragon has released a new song in about 7 years since his 2nd mini album ‘Kwon Ji-yong’ released in June 2017.


He had previously planned to release a new song last year, but was suddenly caught up in the drug issue and the schedule was pushed back. After being cleared of false charges, G-Dragon left YG Entertainment, which he had been with since his debut, and signed an exclusive contract with Galaxy Corporation in December of last year.


G-Dragon, who debuted with Big Bang in 2006, has released numerous hit songs including ‘Lies’, ‘Day by Day’, and ‘Bang Bang Bang’. He also worked as a solo singer and received great love from the public by releasing songs such as 'That XX', 'Untitled', and 'Crooked'.


Attention is focused on the future album activities of G-Dragon, who has established himself under a new agency.


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