Mijoo♥Song Bum-geun to confirm dating...

Mijoo's agency "Please look at them warmly"

그룹 러블리즈 출신 방송인 미주(왼쪽)와 축구선수 송범근이 열애 중이다. /미주 송범근 인스타그램

Source: Mijoo and Song Bum-geun's Instagram



[The FactㅣReporter Munhwayoung] Mijoo, a former member of Lovelyz, and soccer player Song Bum-geun are in a relationship.



An official from label Antenna told <The Fact> on the 18th, "We have good feelings for each other and are getting to know each other carefully. We hope you will look at them warmly."



On the same day, Bizenter reported that Mijoo and Song Bum-geun are currently dating. The media reported, "They are a couple with a gap of three years between them, and are continuing to date seriously. Mijoo went to Yokohama, Japan to date Song Bum-geun."




Mijoo, who made her debut as a member of Lovelyz in 2014, has appeared on various entertainment programs and shows off her extraordinary sense of entertainment. She is currently appearing as a regular panelist on MBC's 'Hangout with Yoo'.




Song Bum-geun has been playing as a goalkeeper for J1 League Shonan Bellmare since last year. Last month, he played for the South Korea national soccer team, preparing for the second round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 North and Central America World Cup.




Along with the recognition of their relationship, the two people's Instagram posts also became a hot topic. Mijoo and Song Bum-geun recently posted photos taken in the same space in Japan.

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