SEVENTEEN's album title song is 'MAESTRO'... Woozi and Bumzu Collaboration

Released on the April 29th

그룹 세븐틴(SEVENTEEN)의 베스트 앨범 17 IS RIGHT HERE 트랙 리스트가 공개됐다. /플레디스 엔터테인먼트

Source: Pledis Entertainment



[The FactㅣReporter Choi Soobin] SEVENTEEN releases four new songs in their best album.



On the 19th, the agency Pledis Entertainment released the full track list of the best album '17 IS RIGHT HERE' on Seventeen's official SNS. According to this, the new album includes not only Seventeen's previous title songs, but also four new tracks including 'MAESTRO', 'LALALI', 'Spell', 'Cheers to Youth', and the debut song 'Adore You' (Inst.).




Among these, the title song is ‘MAESTRO’. As the song was created with collaboration between producers Woozi and Bumzu, who produced many of Seventeen's hit songs, fans' expectations for the new song are increasing.




A variety of new unit songs have also been prepared. The hip-hop team's new song 'LALALI', the performance team's new song 'Spell', and the vocal team's new song 'Cheers to Youth' will be included on CD along with the title song. Many members, including Woozi, S.Coups, Wonwoo, The8, Mingyu, Vernon and Dino, will also participate in the song's production.




In addition, 20 title songs from Seventeen's previous Korean albums and 8 Japanese album title songs Korean ver are included in the album. 'Adore You' (Inst.), a new song added to the tracklist, can only be enjoyed as a digital sound source.



'17 IS RIGHT HERE' will be released on April 29th.


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