'I Live Alone' NCT's Doyoung, daily life overly immersed in dramas... “watch it even if you’re stressed”

Doyoung, who enjoys cooking, reveals his own spicy stir-fried pork recipe

Broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 19th

NCT 도영이 나 혼자 산다에서 연애 프로그램에 푹 빠진 일상을 보여준다. /MBC

Source: MBC


[The Fact | Reporter Gong Mina] NCT Doyoung reveals his daily life of being overly immersed in dating programs in 'I Live Alone'.




In the MBC entertainment program 'I Live Alone', which airs on the 19th, Doyoung shows himself unable to take his eyes off the dating program while doing housework or exercising his abs.




According to the production team, Doyoung has recently fallen in love with a dating program. On this day, while doing housework that had been delayed due to his schedule, he stuck his head out like a meerkat and focused on watching the dating program. He also makes people laugh by fixating his eyes on a dating program even while working out his abs.



Doyoung said, "Actually, I'm stressed. I wish (the contestant) wouldn't say that, but I'm connected to someone I don't want to end up with. I feel irritated and dopamine-charged," and reveals the reason why he enjoys watching dating programs. Doyoung, who is overly immersed in a dating program, is surprised and gives various reactions, such as giving advice on dating, arousing sympathy.



On his days off, Doyoung cooks the food he wants to eat rather than order food, making dishes using seasonal ingredients, such as shrimp dried soybean paste and brisket soybean paste stew. In this process, the recipe for ‘Doyoung’s spicy stir-fried pork’ containing unidentified ingredients is also revealed. 



‘I Live Alone’, in which Doyoung appears, will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on this day.


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