TXT Soobin donate 10 million won to an animal protection organization... “ for rescue dogs”

WeAct will use it for rescue dogs that were scheduled for euthanasia

그룹 투모로우바이투게더의 수빈이 유기견 구조를 위해 1000만 원을 기부했다. /박헌우 기자

Source: Reporter Park Heon-woo


[The FactㅣReporter Saetbyeol Kim] TXT Subin joined hand to help abandoned dogs.


The animal protection organization WEACT announced on the 23rd, “Tomorrow by Together leader Soobin recently donated 10 million won.” The amount of money will be used for abandoned dogs rescued from the Hongseong Abandoned Dog Shelter.


Recently, WeAct and fellow organizations conducted a large-scale rescue of abandoned dogs at the Hongseong Abandoned Dog Shelter. Most of the rescue dogs were abandoned by people, and some of them were scheduled for euthanasia last month.


WeAct claimed, “The donation money sent by Subin will be used to help rescue dogs at the Hongseong Abandoned Dog Shelter who have been hurt physically and mentally. We hope that Subin’s good influence will spread widely and serve as an opportunity for many people to take interest in underprivileged lives.” 


Starting with Hanam Dog Farm in 2018, WeAct is an organization that works with the slogan, ‘Rescue abused dogs and take direct action to help them live happy lives.’


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