Ha Sung-woon, discharged on the 23rd, "It was a valuable time... Thank you for waiting."

Ha Sung-woon returns to fans and announces various activities

가수 하성운이 육군 현역으로 군 복무를 마치고 23일 만기 전역했다. /빅플래닛메이드엔터

Source: BPM Entertainment


[The FactㅣReporter Kim Saet-byeol] Singer Ha Sung-woon has returned to fans.


On the 23rd, his agency Big Planet Made Entertainment announced, "Ha Sung-woon completed his military service as an active-duty soldier and was discharged as a sergeant." Ha Sung-woon, who was scheduled to enlist in September 2022, postponed his enlistment once due to COVID-19 pandemic. About a month later, on October 24, he enlisted as an active-duty member of the Yun Army and performed military service.


Ha Sung-woon, who returned to the side of his fans, shared his thoughts through his agency. He said, "It was a truly unforgettable experience, and it was a valuable time that I could not get anywhere else, so I felt and learned a lot. I am really grateful to the unit members who were with me, and I sincerely thank our beloved HA:NEUL (fandom name) for cheering and waiting for a long time." .


On this day, Big Planet Made Entertainment released Ha Sung-woon's discharge photo on its official SNS. Ha Seong-woon, wearing a military uniform, caught his attention with a more dignified appearance.


Ha Sung-woon has been active in various fields since his debut with the group Hotshot in 2014. He appeared on Mnet's 'Produce 101 Season 2', which aired in 2017, and ranked in the final 11, making his re-debut as a member of the project group Wanna One. Afterwards, he made a new start as a solo artist in 2019 and has been active, including releasing a total of 7 mini albums.


Ha Sung-woon, who joined Big Planet Made Entertainment in 2021, released his 7th mini album 'Strange World' in 2022, right before enlistment, and successfully held a solo concert of the same name, promising to reunite with fans. In particular, he released the digital single 'Snowy Stars', which he wrote himself, to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of his fandom HA:NEUL in February last year while he was serving in the military.


Ha Sung-woon, who celebrates the 5th anniversary of his solo debut this year, is preparing a variety of activities to communicate with his fans.


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