Kang Dong-won's 'The Plot', released on May 29th... Teaser poster released

Various synergies predicted with Lee Mi-sook, Lee Hyun-wook, Tang Jun-sang → Lee Dong-hwi, etc.


강동원(왼쪽) 주연의 설계자가 5월 29일 개봉한다. /NEW


Source: NEW


[The Fact|Reporter Park Ji-yoon] Actor Kang Dong-won meets audiences with a new crime drama.


Distributor NEW announced on the 22nd, "The movie 'The Plot' (directed by Lee Yo-seop) starring Kang Dong-won has confirmed its release on May 29," and released a teaser poster and trailer that give a glimpse of the atmosphere of the work.


The work depicts the story of Yeong-il (Kang Dong-won), a designer who manipulates a commissioned murder into a perfect accidental death, and gets caught up in an unexpected incident.


The poster released on this day captures attention by featuring Kang Dong-won, who plays Yeong-il, a designer who manipulates the murder into an accident, along with photos of the scene and the headline of the article. Here, the phrase 'Is it an accident or a planned murder?' makes us look forward to the novel subject of a contract murder that was fabricated as an accident.


Another poster overlaps with Yeong-il, who is watching someone, and his teammates Jackie (played by Lee Mi-sook), Wol-cheon (played by Lee Hyun-wook), and Jeom-man (played by Tang Jun-sang) gathered at the crime scene. In addition, the phrase 'Do you think it's a coincidence?' is added, raising curiosity about what kind of story these people who have gathered in a special relationship will unfold in the future.


설계자의 티저 포스터와 티저 예고편이 공개됐다. /NEW

Source: NEW


In the trailer released along with this, Youngil, a Plot who manipulates accidents, stands in the middle of numerous accident scenes that occur in everyday life, drawing attention. He heightens the tension by saying, “The more eyes there are, the more people will believe the accident.”


Attention is focused on what kind of synergy will be created by the Samkwang Security team members, veteran Jackie, camouflage expert Wolcheon, and youngest member Jeomman, who complete Yeongil's flawless design.


Here, the client Joo Young-seon (Jung Eun-chae) and the target Joo Seong-jik (Kim Hong-pa), the insurance expert Lee Chi-hyeon (Lee Moo-saeng) in charge of handling the accident, the detective Yang Kyeong-jin (Kim Shin-rok) who pursues the truth, and the cyber wrecker Hauser (Lee Dong-hwi) who creates the issue are all realistic. The appearance of colorful characters is expected to increase immersion in the play.


‘The Plot’ will be released on May 29th.


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