Apink Yoon Bomi ♥ Rado admit to dating... “Please support us”

Yoon Bomi writes a handwritten letter, “We have good feelings while working on the song together.”


Source: The Fact DB, Newsis


[The Fact | [Reporter Gong Mina] Apink member Yoon Bomi (30) and producer Rado (real name Song Joo-young, 39) are in a relationship.


Yoon Bomi's agency Choi Creative Lab and Rado's High Up Entertainment announced on the 23rd, "Yoon Bomi and Rado are maintaining a good relationship," and added, "We ask for your understanding that it is difficult to confirm anything other than respecting their privacy."


Yoon Bomi 's agency added, "Yoon Bomi plans to continue her activities as a member of A Pink, an actress, and an all-round entertainer," adding, "She asks for continued support and encouragement."


Yoon Bo-mi also acknowledged her romantic relationship by posting a handwritten letter on her fan cafe that day. She explained, “While working on many songs together, we developed good feelings for each other, started dating, and have continued to this day.”


She went on to express her affection for Rado, saying, "Meeting a wise person helped me, even though I was young and lacking in many things, grow into a more mature person."


In addition, Yoon Bomi said, "I feel very awkward and worried even as I write this, but I respect each and every one of my fans' feelings and think of them all as loving and caring for me. Just like the current Yoon Bomi, I will continue to have honest and positive energy." “I will show you a good side of me,” she said.


Born in 1993, Yoon Bomi made her debut as a member of A Pink in 2011 with her songs ‘NO NO NO (No No No)’, ‘Mr. Chu’ and ‘Remember’. She currently appears in the tvN drama 'Queen of Tears' where she plays Na Chae-yeon, Hong Hae-in's secretary. She is also active as an actress.


Born in 1984, Rado debuted as a member of the vocal group Someday in 2009, and has been active as a member of the production team Black Eyed Pilseung formed with Choi Gyu-seong since 2014. He founded High Up Entertainment in 2017 and launched the girl group Stay C in 2019. Black Eyed Pilseung's representative songs include Apink's 'No One', 'Only One', Twice's 'TT', 'Fancy', and Chungha's 'Gotta Go'.


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