‘SPOT!’ Late night drive with Zico and Jenny... Exciting new song

Digital single ‘SPOT!’ on the 26th

지코가 신곡 SPOT! 뮤직비디오 티저를 공개했다. 지코와 제니가 함께 노래하고 드라이브를 하는 등 곡의 흥겨운 분위기가 잘 담겼다. /KOZ엔터

Source: KOZ Entertainment


[The Fact | [Reporter Jeong Byeong-geun] Zico raised expectations for his new song with Jennie.


Zico released the music video teaser for his digital single ‘SPOT!’ (feat. Jenny) on his Hybe Labels official YouTube channel and his personal SNS at midnight on the 25th. The video contains the new song's sound source and part of the choreography. Featured artist Jenny appears together in the music video and catches attention.


The killing point of the teaser is Zico's chewy rap. The chorus sung by Jenny was revealed in the recording studio on the 18th, but Zico's part was revealed through a teaser. The combination of Zico's powerful and rhythmic rap and his melody built with an analog synthesizer is powerful.


The hip atmosphere throughout the video raised expectations for the main part of the music video. Zico and Jennie showed comfort by making eye contact while singing and enjoying a late night drive.


The performance attracts attention with the groovy movements performed while standing side by side with the dancers. Following 'Any Song', which led to the challenge syndrome, attention is focused on whether he will once again create a short-form popularity craze.


Zico's digital single 'SPOT!' (feat. Jenny) is a song that captures the simple moments of two friends who accidentally met at a party late at night. It will be released at 6pm on the 26th.


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