Yook Sungjae in the square sculpture… Teasing poster released

‘EXHIBITION: Look Closely’ released on May 9th

육성재가 오는 5월 9일 솔로 싱글 EXHIBITION : Look Closely를 발매한다. /아이윌미디어

Source: iWILL Media


[The Fact | [Reporter Jeong Byeong-geun] Singer and actor Yook Sung-jae has started counting down to his solo comeback.


On the 25th, Yook Sungjae posted a teasing poster for his first solo single album 'EXHIBITION: Look Closely' on his official SNS account. Inside the poster is another poster attached to the wall with tape. In there, an image that seemed to represent the exhibition hall was drawn along with text showing the title of Yook Sungjae's new album.


If you look closely at the image, you will see that there is a square sculpture emitting bright light in the middle of the exhibition hall, and Yook Sungjae standing inside in front of a standing microphone. This teasing poster raises curiosity about what meaning it contains in Yook Sungjae's new album.

육성재가 새 앨범 티징 포스터를 공개했다. 포스터는 사각형 조형물이 설치돼 있고 내부에는 스탠딩마이크 앞에 선 육성재의 모습이 조그맣게 담겼다. /아이윌미디어

Source: iWILL Media


'EXHIBITION: Look Closely' is Yook Sungjae's first new album as a solo artist in about 4 years since 'YOOK O'clock' released in 2020. He is communicating with fans through various videos on the recently opened official YouTube channel 'Yook Can Do It' and plans to show a new side of himself through this solo album.


Pre-orders for the offline album 'EXHIBITION: Look Closely' will begin at 2 PM on the 25th through various record sites. The physical album, which will be released in two versions, contains a photo book and photo card, as well as various other items that fans of Yook Sungjae would want to own.


Yook Sungjae will release his new solo album 'EXHIBITION: Look Closely' on May 9th.


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