Le Sseraphim's 'EASY' surpasses 100 million streams on Spotify

For the 9th time in total, the title song of a Korean album has been streamed in hundreds of millions in a row for the 4th time.

르세라핌이 지난 2월 19일 발매한 미니 3집 타이틀곡 EASY가 스포티파이에서 23일 누적 재생 수 1억 회를 돌파했다. /쏘스뮤직

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[The Fact | [Reporter Jeong Byeong-geun] Girl group LE SERAFIM added a song with ‘hundreds of millions of streams’ on Spotify.


According to Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, on the 25th (KST), the title song 'EASY' of the 3rd mini album released by Le Sseraphim (Kim Chae-won, Sakura, Heo Yun-jin, Kazuha Hong Eun-chae) on February 19 reached the cumulative number of plays on the 23rd. It exceeded 100 million views.


'EASY' continued to gain popularity, recording more than 1 million daily streams even two months after its release, and finally recorded hundreds of millions of streams.


Le Sseraphim includes 'EASY', 'Smart', 'Perfect Night', 'UNFORGIVEN', 'Eve, Psyche and Bluebeard's Wife' and 'ANTIFRAGILE'. A total of nine songs, including 'FEARLESS', 'Sour Grapes', and 'Blue Flame', were uploaded to the billion-dollar streaming ranks.


In particular, the title songs of the four albums released in Korea were played more than 100 million times in a row, proving Le Seraphim's global music power.


Le Sseraphim will hold a fan meeting at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on May 11th and 12th. You can see the full version of the unreleased song '1-800-hot-n-fun', which was recently released for the first time at the 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival'.


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