RM releases MV teaser for pre-released song... like a movie

Collaboration with film industry stars and production staff

Pre-release song released on the 10th... 2nd mini album released on the 24th

그룹 방탄소년단 RM의 선공개곡 뮤직비디오 티저가 공개됐다. /빅히트 뮤직

Source: BigHit Music


[The FactㅣReporter Kim Saet-byeol] A movie-like music video teaser for RM of BTS has been released.



On the 9th, BigHit Music released a music video teaser for RM's pre-released song 'Come back to me' from RM's 2nd solo album on BTS' official SNS. The short but sensational video raised expectations not only for the song but also for the main music video.



The released teaser video begins with a dreamy sound that captivates the audiences. For about 10 seconds, RM is seen staring straight ahead, engrossed in something. The mysterious wound around RM's eye and the smoke rising from behind the character further maximize the unique atmosphere.



The music video for 'Come back to me' was participated by the world's most luxurious production team. Director Lee Seong-jin, who directed Netflix's 'Beef', was in charge of directing and production. Here, art director Ryu Seong-hee of the films 'Decision to leave' and 'Assassination' and cinematographer Kim Woo-hyung of '1987' and 'Late Autumn' added their strength. Actress Kim Min-ha appears.



BigHit Music said, “This music video was completed together by RM and the talented production team. You will feel like watching a short film, so please give us a lot of support.”



The pre-released song 'Come back to me' from RM's 2nd solo album 'Right Place, Wrong Person' is an indie song expressing concerns about 'right and wrong', the main theme of the new album. It is a pop genre song. It will be released simultaneously worldwide at 1pm on the 10th.


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