'0628 Birthday' Kang Min-hyuk special event held

We prepare a variety of gifts, from subway electronic signs to bus advertisements.


Source: FanNStar


[The Fact | [Reporter Choi Joo-bin] 'Fan N Star' has opened Kang Min-hyuk's birthday to support him.


'Fan N Star', a site that provides idol ranking information, is holding a special event for the first time on the 10th for CNBLUE Kang Min-hyuk. This is a large advertising project for him, who celebrates his birthday on June 28th.


The success of Kang Min-hyuk's birthday project is confirmed by the number of rainbow stars (points that can be collected on the website) donated by fans. As more stars gather, congratulatory advertisements are posted in various places.


When 50,000 stars are collected, a congratulatory video will be shown on the CM board (square pillar) of Hapjeong Station of the Seoul Subway. When the number of stars reaches 35,000, a congratulatory video will also be displayed on the Shinjuku Shin-Okubo electronic display board in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, plenty of gifts await fans, including a large digital electronic display board in Jamsil, an M screen in Hongdae, and a bus advertisement in Seoul.


The event will run until June 16th, and you can participate in the 'ADs.' on the 'Fan N Star' website.


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