New Jeans releases ‘Supernatural’, album bag version’… Collaboration with Takashi Murakami

Japanese single 'Supernatural' released as a bag album full of street sensibility

뉴진스가 일본 데뷔 싱글 Supernatural의 실을 음반을 가방 앨범으로 제작해 화제를 모은다. /어도어

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[The Fact|Reporter Park Ji-yoon] The girl group NewJeans targets fans’ tastes with a bag album.


New Jeans released a jacket photo of their Japanese debut single 'Supernatural' on their official SNS on the 10th. The members show off their colorful styling in a free and hip atmosphere and grab attention by carrying colorful bags on their shoulders.


The bag the members are carrying is a physical album of 'Supernatural' in collaboration with world-renowned pop artist Takashi Murakami, highlighting the creative planning ability of Newjeans.


The album will be released in three versions: a drawstring bag version, a cross bag version, and a Weverse version. Here, the flower character created by combining New Jeans' Binky Bong(lightstick) in the shape of a rabbit and Takashi Murakami's signature Murakami Flower is drawn attention.


The drawstring bag doubled its lovely charm with each member's character sketched by Takashi Murakami himself, and the cross bag was made in five colors so each member could choose one to reflect their individuality. In addition, the 'Supernatural' physical album contains various components such as a photo book, a jewel case, a booklet, and a photo card, providing both collectible value and practicality.


New Jeans will make their comeback in Korea on the 24th ahead of their Japanese debut in June. The members released the music video for 'Bubble Gum', a song included in the single 'How Sweet', which was pre-released on the 27th of last month, and received favorable reviews for its refreshing visual beauty, ranking first in YouTube Korea's weekly popular music video and popular song.


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