BTS J-Hope, No. 1 on ‘Fan N Star’ Weekly Music Chart for 3 consecutive weeks

Received 5,530,830 votes in the weekly music vote in the second week of May

지난 13일 그룹 방탄소년단 제이홉이 팬앤스타 위클리 뮤직 차트 1위를 차지했다. /팬앤스타

Source: FanNStar


[The Fact | [Reporter Na-rae] BTS J-Hope ranked first in weekly idol ranking site 'Fan N Star' Weekly Music for three consecutive weeks.


J-Hope ranked first with 5,530,830 votes in the 'Fan N Star' weekly music vote in the second week of May, which was held from the 6th to the 13th. Lee Chan-won took second place with 1,182,619 votes, and Kim Ho-joong came in third place with 276,671 votes.


For 'Fan N Star' Weekly Music, artists who have released new music are nominated. If it ranks first for five consecutive weeks and reaches 3 million cumulative votes, the news will be celebrated through a large digital display board at Hongik University Station.


Along with the news of J-Hope's first place, fans who participated in the vote sent congratulations through the official 'Fan N Star' text message. The nickname ‘Buchaebu’ said, “I love you, Hobi.”


Meanwhile, 'Fan N Star' is a weekly idol ranking website operated by <The Fact>, specializing in conducting idol voting, supporting digital billboards, and is known as a platform for all K-pop fandom. Voting for group rankings, solo rankings, Four Star rankings (4th generation) and New Star rankings begins every Monday and is open to any fan who loves idols.


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