Ailee is getting married her fiancé 'Single's Inferno' Choi Si Hoon


Last March, information about dating with the goal of marriage was revealed.
가수 에일리(왼쪽)의 결혼 상대가 솔로지옥 출연자 최시훈으로 밝혀졌다. /팝뮤직, 최시훈 SNS

Source: Pop Music/Choi Si Hoon SNS

[The Fact | Reporter Gong Mi Na] Singer Ailee, who announced her marriage last March, revealed that her boyfriend is Choi Si Hoon, an actor participating in the Netflix entertainment show titled 'Single's Inferno'.

On <The Fact> on the 14th, a Pop Music representative revealed, "Ailee's life partner is Choi Si Hoon."

The fact that Ailee is dating a non-celebrity with hopes of getting married next year was revealed in March this year. At that time, Ailee said, "We are dating well, so please cheer for us more. When there is good news, I will come directly to inform everyone."

Choi Si-hoon was born in 1992, three years younger than Ailee. He has participated in many web dramas such as 'I Started Following Romance' (2019), 'Standby Curator' (2019), 'Cafe Kilimanjaro' (2020) and stands out with his role in 'Poisonous Hell'. Dear' season 1 (2021). Currently, he is running a restaurant in Seoul.

Ailee debuted as an actress in the KBS2 drama 'Dream High 2' in 2012. That same year, after releasing the digital single 'Heaven', she began working as a singer and release many famous songs such as 'I Will Show You', 'Singing Got Better', 'I Will Go to You Like the First Snow' and many more.


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