EXO Baekhyun 'INB100', to join MC Mong's company... parent company One Hundred

INB100 and Big Planet Made join hands to strengthen global competitiveness

엑소 백현(왼쪽)이 설립한 INB100이 MC몽의 원헌드레드 자회사로 합류하게 됐다. /INB100

Source: INB100

[The Fact|Reporter Park Ji-yoon] Baekhyun, a member of the group EOX, joined hands with ONE HUNDRED.

One Hundred announced on the 16th, “INB100 has joined as a subsidiary.” This is a company founded by EXO Baekhyun, and Baekhyun and Xiumin Chen belong to it. One Hundred is a company established through joint investment by p_Arc Group Chairman Cha Won and singer - composer MC Mong (Shin Dong-hyun), and is the parent company of Big Planet Made Entertainment and Million Market.

Big Planet Made Entertainment is a comprehensive entertainment company that includes singer Lee Moo-jin, Be’O, Ha Sung-woon, Ren, and girl group VIVIZ (Eunha, Sinbi, Umji), etc. Recently, it is expanding its scale by embracing SHINee Taemin, broadcaster Lee Soo-geun, and singer and actor Lee Seung-gi. In addition, General Manager Kim Dong-jun, who served as CEO of SM C&C, and Advisor Kim Si-gyu, a former KBS PD and former JTBC Studio CEO, have joined to strengthen the company's internal stability.

Therefore, INB100 enjoys Big Planet Made Entertainment's specialized and advanced infrastructure, and Big Planet Made Entertainment has added IPs such as EXO's Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen. In this way, both parties plan to strengthen their global competitiveness and run together toward a wider market.

One Hundred, the parent company of Big Planet Made Entertainment, INB100 and Million Market, is expected to produce high-quality K-content by recruiting production and content-related talent and recruiting and collaborating with leading domestic and foreign artists and creators. In addition, the company plans to establish One Hundred USA and support its artists' active overseas activities while actively recruiting overseas artists to become a global entertainment company.


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