2NE1, 15th anniversary photo... Still 4 people, 4 colors, individuality

CL “I want to make memories together in front of the camera”

2NE1이 데뷔 15주년을 맞아 기념 사진을 촬영했다. 왼쪽부터 산다라박 CL 공민지 박봄. /멤버들 SNS

Source: Members’ SNS

[The Fact | [Reporter Jeong Byeong-geun] Girl group 2NE1 still exuded strong charisma and personality.

On the 17th, leader CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Gong Minzy posted a photo taken together to commemorate 2NE1's 15th debut anniversary on their SNS. In the photo, the members showed off their charm with black concept outfits that matched the strong image of 2NE1 and hair and makeup that showed their individual personalities.

It's been about two years since 2NE1 members released a group photo after standing on stage at the 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival' in 2022. The members came together to give fans a commemorative gift to celebrate 2NE1's 15th debut anniversary.

Along with the photo, CL said, "Hello, BLACKJACK and GZB. It's been a long time. In celebration of our 15th birthday today, May 17th, we would like to thank everyone who has loved us, supported us, laughed and cried together, and stood by 2NE1 and me. “We wanted to reminisce together, so we stood in front of the camera as 2NE1 for the first time in a long time.”

She then wrote, "There is the mystery of things that remain unchanged over time, but it is also a day when you can feel the deep-rooted beauty of things that change and grow together over time. Thank you always. Let's enjoy ::) Much Love, CL."

According to an official, CL put all their effort into the 15th anniversary photo shoot, including directly transporting costumes from overseas and recruiting artist Jo Ki-seok, who worked with them on the single 'HWA (Hwa)' released in 2021.

CL has been preparing a new project by interacting with various artists since her first solo full album 'ALPHA'. Park Bom released the single 'I' in November last year, and Sandara Park released her first mini album 'SANDARA PARK' in July last year, and is active in various entertainment programs.


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