BTS → Stray Kids prove their strength in pre-voting for 'The Fact Music Awards'.

The final voting for 'TMA's Best Music – Summer' begins... Will there be any changes to the voting results?.


그룹 방탄소년단, 스트레이 키즈, 가수 임영웅(위부터)이 TMA 베스트 뮤직–여름 사전 투표에서 1위부터 3위까지에 이름을 올렸다. /빅히트 뮤직, JYP엔터테인먼트, 물고기 뮤직

Source: Big Hit Music, JYP Entertainment, Fish Music

[The Fact ㅣ Reporter Kim Saet-byeol] While the 'The Fact Music Awards' started voting for the 'TMA Best Music-Summer' final round, group BTS, Stray Kids and singer Lim Young-woong were named in the rankings in the previous vote.

For two weeks from noon on 17th to 31st afternoon, the final vote in the category 'Best Music TMA – Summer' by FAN N STAR 'THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS' will be held.

'TMA Best Music' is a poll for artists who have released music quarterly. In the summer category held this time, the vote will be held for all artists who have released the audio source, excluding the OST, from March to June 2023. Accordingly, according to the results of the previous vote conducted from noon on the 3rd to noon on the 17th, the top 20 teams including BTS, Stray Kids, Lim Young-woong, BTS Suga, Hwang Joo-yeol, YoungTEAM, Seventeen, TNXATE, &TEAM , Kang Daniel, I.M, Le Seraphim, SHINee, Xdinary Heroes, ENHYPEN, (G)I-DLE and Espa , were selected for the final vote.

In addition, in the previous vote, BTS was in first place, Stray Kids was in second place, and Lim Young-woong was in third place. According to the ratings, Hongdae Maxvision advertises for 1 week, ads on CM boards of Hapjeong station for 2 weeks, and subway line 2, 42 stations have the privilege of displaying ads for 1 week.

Voting is done through Fan N Star, a comprehensive idol-specific service run by online comprehensive media The Fact, and can be participated in three ways: 'Normal Star', 'Rainbow Star' and 'Video Vote' by watching video ads. The trophy TMA Best Music – Summer 2023 will be awarded to the top artist in the final vote.

'The Fact Music Awards' is a music awards ceremony created by K-pop artists and fans alike, and has made it an annual hit with well-deserved acclaim. This year, it has been confirmed that the '2023 The Fact Music Awards' will be held at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on October 10.

'2023 The Fact Music Awards' will hold a vote in the 'TMA Best Music - Fall' category after that. The detailed schedule can be confirmed through the fan n star homepage and official social media.


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