Lim Young-woong won TMA 2023 Best ADs. Award (Most Popular Award)

Voting was held from August 7 to August 21 for 4 consecutive years

Collected 396,927,396 votes, beat BTS to take first place

TMA 2023 at Namdong Namdong Gymnasium on October 10


4년 연속 최고 애즈닷상(최애상) 수상. 임영웅은 지난 7일부터 21일까지 팬앤스타에서 진행된 2023 TMA 팬앤스타 최고 애즈닷상(최애상) 투표에서 1위를 차지했다. /영웅시대

Source: Young-woong's Era


[The FactㅣReporter Kang Il-hong] Singer Lim Young-woong won the 2023 Best Ads award. (Most Popular Award).

Lim Young-woong won first place in TMA Fan N Star 2023 Best Ads. Award (Most Favorite Award) was held at Fan N Star from 7th to 21st.

Lim Young-woong won 396.92 million out of 796 million votes (59% of the votes), beating BTS, who scored 39% of the vote.

As a result, Lim Young-woong was honored to receive the highest ADD (Most Popular Award) award for 4 consecutive years.

In the first round of voting in the solo category, he came in first with 58,157,460 votes (25% of the votes). Expectations are high for the results of the second round of voting, which begins on September 11.

'The Fact Music Awards' is a music awards ceremony created by top K-POP artists and fans, and has made for a successful annual festival with enthusiastic acclaim.

The '2023 The Fact Music Awards' has been confirmed to be held on October 10 at Namdong Gymnasium, Incheon, once again raising expectations with the full attendance of top K-pop artists. global top.


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