Seventeen and Stray Kids participate in The Fact Music Awards 2023... Final lineup.

All-time album sales appear for the second time.

세븐틴과 스트레이키즈가 오는 10월 10일 인천 남동체육관에서 열리는 2023 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈 출연을 확정했다. /플레디스, JYP

Source: Pledis, JYP

[The Facts | [Reporter Jeong Byeong-geun] The two teams that have made K-pop history by selling more than 6 million and 5 million single albums are about to collaborate, respectively. The stage is '2023 TRUTH MUSIC AWARDS'.

On the 6th, the organizers of 'The Fact Music Awards (TMA)' announced, "Group Seventeen and Stray Kids have been named in the 4th lineup of '2023 The Fact Music Awards'." With two top teams now leading the way in global K-pop, the 2023 The Fact Music Awards have built a stronger lineup.


세븐틴은 2020년과 2021년(사진) 비대면으로 열린 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈에서 각각 2관왕에 오르고 멋진 퍼포먼스를 선사했다. 처음 대면 시상식으로 만나는 세븐틴의 무대가 기대된다. /더팩트 DB

Source: The Fact DB

Seventeen's 10th mini album 'FML' released in April has entered the US Billboard 200 main album chart for 9 consecutive weeks, setting a record for themselves as the person who has been on the chart for the longest time. Seventeen surpassed cumulative sales of 6.2 million copies with this album. It opened a new era when it surpassed 5 million copies for the first time in K-pop and reached 6 million copies.

Seventeen, the group that topped the Oricon charts with the release of their first best Japanese album 'ALWAYS YOURS' last month, will be holding their biggest Japanese dome tour since their debut, 'FOLLOW'. TO JAPAN, a five-city tour in Japan, starting from Tokyo Dome on the 6th. (According to Japan)' will be held.

Seventeen won the Global Icon and Artist of the Year as well as the World's Best Artist and Performer of the Year in 2021 at '2020 The Fact Music Awards'. Seventeen, the group that only meets K-pop fans around the world through two award ceremonies without face-to-face meetings due to the COVID-19 epidemic, is heightening expectations when it is expected to be in person. delivered an unparalleled performance this time.


스트레이키즈는 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈 초대 신인상을 시작으로 성장을 함께 해왔다. 지난해(사진) 올해의 아티스트와 포스타상 2관왕에 오른 스트레이키즈의 올해 무대도 기대된다. /임영무 기자

Source: Reporter Lim Young-moo

Stray Kids has climbed to the top of Billboard 200 for three consecutive times with their 3rd full album '★★★★★(5-STAR)' released in June, after 'ODDINARY' and 'MAXIDENT'. Stray Kids, who set their own records with each album, surpassed the cumulative sales of 5 million copies with '★★★★★(5-STAR)'.

Stray Kids, the first fourth-generation K-pop boy band to sell out tickets at Japan's four major dome concert halls, opened on the 16th of last month. Stray Kids, who have gained momentum with a total of 8 tours around 4 cities, will continue their global activities by appearing at the '2023 MTV Video Music Awards (MTV VMAs)' held. in New Jersey, USA on the 12th.

Stray Kids has a deep relationship with 'The Fact Music Awards'. We've grown together since winning the next Leader Award, the equivalent of the Rookie Award, at the 2018 inaugural awards. They won the 2019 Dancer of the Year, Hottest all 2020 Bridge, Artist of the Year 2021, Artist of the Year and last year's Posta Awards.


Stray Kids, who have been shining at the 'The Fact Music Awards' every year since receiving the invitation, are looking forward to seeing how they will captivate the audience with the stage this time.


더팩트 뮤직 어워즈는 올해도 국내외를 아우르는 대세 선후배 아티스트들의 합류로 기대감을 높이고 있다. 오는 10월 10일 인천 남동체육관에서 개최된다. /TMA 조직위

Source: TMA

Previously, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lineup of '2023 The Fact Music Awards' included ATEEZ, ITZY, TREASURE, NMIXX, ZEROBASEONE and xikers. ), BOYNEXTDOOR, Eunbi Kwon, Jannabi, aespa, IVE and NewJeans. In addition, Seventeen and Stray Kids have formed a powerful lineup.

'The Fact Music Awards', which has created a successful annual festival with rave reviews as a music awards ceremony created by K-pop artists and fans, is raising expectations this year with the addition of famous senior and junior artists at home and abroad. It is of interest whether the additional lineup will be revealed. The '2023 The Fact Music Awards' will be held at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on October 10.

지난해 10월 열린 2022 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈 출연 가수들이 한 자리에 모여 사진 촬영을 하는 모습. /배정한 기자


Source: Reporter Bae Jeong-Han


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