Angel Lim Young Woong donates desks to multicultural schools... Efforts to improve the educational environment

On September 6, an sharing ceremony was held at The School of Global SARANG located in Oryu ward, Guro district, Seoul city.

가수 임영웅의 선한영향력으로 지구촌학교에 책걸상 25세트가 전달됐다. /팬앤스타

Source: Fan N Star

[The Fact - Reporter Lee Na Rae] Singer Lim Young Woong's fanclub showed good influence when donating desks to a multicultural integrated school.

On August 6, the delivery ceremony of Lim Young Woong fanclub ( Im Young Woong Angel) was held at The School of Global SARANG in Oryu Ward, Guro District, Seoul City. Through Fan N Star - Angel N Star, Lim Young Woong participated in a project to donate desks to multicultural school students last July.

In the donation certificate announced by Fan N Star on September 12, it is written, "We would like to send this certificate with gratitude to Angel Lim Young Woong for donating desks to improve the educational environment of multicultural students".

임영웅 엔젤은 지구촌학교에 책걸상 25세트를 전달했다. 사진은 기부 증서다. /팬앤스타

Source: Fan N Star

The 25 sets of desks shipped to schools globally will be used to improve the educational environment for multicultural students.

On the other hand, 'Fan N Star' is participating in the fandom donation culture through 'Angel N Star'. The next donation project is expected to open on the first Monday of November.


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