Ha Jung-woo and Im Si-wan 'Chemistry' → The power of a true story... '1947 Boston', three points to watch.


The touching true story of national marathon runners is shown on screen... Released on the 27th.

오는 27일 개봉하는 1947 보스톤이 관전 포인트 세 가지를 공개하며 기대감을 높였다. /롯데엔터테인먼트
Source: Lotte Entertainment

[The Fact|Reporter Park Ji-yoon] '1947 Boston' Ha Jung-woo and Im Si-wan captivated Chuseok cinema with their touching true story.

On the 11th, distributor Lotte Entertainment revealed three key points to watch for the movie '1947 Boston' (directed by Kang Je-gyu). The distributor is predicting the touching true story of the national team and bringing back 1947 vividly, and is confident of bringing joy not seen in 'Doctor's Secret Laboratory Cheon: The Secret of the Snowy Landscape' (directed by Kim Seong-sik) and 'Spider House' (directed by Kim Ji-woon), were released on the same day.

The passionate true story of national marathon runners... The first recorded challenge to bear our name

The work depicts the challenges and thrilling journey of marathon runners competing in international tournaments bearing the Taegeuk symbol for the first time since liberation in 1947. It contains the great challenge of the legend Korean marathon Son Ki-jeong (played by Ha Jung-woo), who won the gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by setting a new world record of 2 hours 29 minutes 19 seconds, and Seo Yun-bok (played by Im Si-wan), another hero not well known to the public.

The story of how the national team players who wore the Taegeuk symbol on their chests for the first time did not give up and ran non-stop to declare Korea's independence to the world at a time when everything was still difficult and confusing. after the expected liberation gives the audience unyielding will and fierce courage. Additionally, based on historical events more like a film than a movie will showcase the excitement of a sports drama, the thrilling thrills and the power of a solid drama

하정우(위쪽)는 손기정 감독 역을, 임시완은 제2의 손기정을 꿈꾸는 마라토너 서윤복 역을 맡아 극을 이끈다. /롯데엔터테인먼트
Source: Lotte Entertainment

Ha Jung-woo, Im Si-wan → Kim Sang-ho, Park Eun-bin's excellent performance

Ha Jung-woo plays coach Son Ki-jeong, a gold medalist at the 1936 Berlin Olympics and a student of the juniors, and Im Si-wan plays Seo Yun-bok, a dream marathoner becomes the next athlete Son Ki-jeong, showing strong chemistry as a priest. Ha Jung-woo leads the play with his charismatic leadership, and Im Si-wan increases the level of immersion in the work by appearing as a real person, from the physique of a marathon runner to strong mental strength.

Kim Sang-ho adds life to the play as Baek Nam-hyeon, the financial guarantor who helps the national team in Boston. Here, Park Eun-bin adds strength with a special appearance and Park Hyo-joo, Oh Hee-joon, Choi Gyu-hwan, Seo Jeong-yeon and Jeong Yeon-ju join to double the fun of the play dramatic.


The glory of those days on screen

The ultimate viewing point is to vividly experience the glorious day of 1947, when we challenged the first international competition to bear our name on screen.

The production team not only perfectly realized Seoul and Boston in the 1940s based on historical research, but also completed an actual marathon in an Australian location. In addition, we received advice from national marathon runners Lee Bong-ju and Kwon Eun-ju, who set a new Korean women's marathon record, to further enhance the authenticity of the racing scene. Thanks to that, director Kang Je-gyu, who is in charge of the megaphone, is expected to once again create an excellent masterpiece after 'Shiri' and 'Taegukgi'.

'1947 Boston' will be released on the 27th.


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