"This trip is so handsome"... Kim Jae Joong X Jeong Han, Dino (SEVENTEEN) at 'Magic Lamp'


The first episode will air at 12 midnight on September 25

MBC 에브리원 예능프로그램 요술램프 포스터가 공개됐다. /MBC 에브리원

Source: MBC Every 1

[The Fact - Reporter Moon Ha Young] Kim Jae Joong and Jeonghan, Dino (Seventeen) will go to Montpellier, France.

On September 13, the production team of the entertainment program Magic Lamp (MBC Every 1) released a poster containing the members' personalities. The public is paying attention to the travel reality show created by the new combination of eldest brother Kim Jae Joong and youngest brother Dino.

''Magic Lamp' is a travel reality show in which seven men, including Kim Jae-joong, Seventeen's Jeonghan and Dino, Kanghee Lee Joo-an and Junpi Tan, each live a different life. fierce, travel to Montpellier in the south of France and explore there.

The published poster contains the free-spirited images of Kang Hee, Jun Phi, Lee Joo An and Jeonghan (Seventeen) and Dino with the focus on Kim Jae Joong. Not only does each member's personality come alive with their own stylish outfits, but the comfortable atmosphere is also added, making fans look forward to the harmonious combination between the members.

In particular, not everyone is staring at a certain place, but each person is looking at a different place. This makes fans curious about what story will unfold with each member's eyes.

Besides, the phrase "This trip is so handsome" also means that the trip of the 7 "handsome" members is not only with their appearance but also adds the meaning that their trip was in Montpellier, France. , That's so great. well done'.

Magic Lamp will air its first episode at 12 pm (Korean time) September 25.


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