Lim Young-woong releases 70th video reaching 10 million views with MV 'Love Letter'


A healing song with deep emotional vocals that create a feeling of comfort.
Seoul concert 'IM HERO' tickets for the 6th concert are sold out

70번째 1000만 영상. 임영웅의 연애편지 음원 영상은 차분하게 들려주는 임영웅의 감성 보이스가 잔잔하게 와닿으며 한층 더 편안하게 힐링할 수 있는 곡이다. /영웅시대

Source: Lim Young Woong Sidae

[The FactㅣReporter Kang Il-hong]Lim Young-woong's 'Love Letter' MV surpassed 1 million views as of the 14th, becoming 'the 70th video to reach 10 million views'.

Lim Young-woong's 'Love Letter' MV is a song that helps you heal your wounds more comfortably, with Lim Young-woong's emotional voice.

'Love Letter' MV, released on Lim Young-woong's official YouTube channel on May 2 last year, surpassed 10 million views that day, signaling the richness of Lim Young-woong's channel . This brings the total number of videos with 10 million views to 70.

'Love Letter', written and composed by Cycling Scene's Song Bong-ju and arranged by Park Yong-jun, has romantic and lyrical lyrics that convey the feelings of writing a love letter and expressing The beauty of a poem brings memories back.

Lim Young-woong's sweet voice is added to the wonderful melody, creating excitement and letting faint emotions seep into the heart like a calm lake.

Meanwhile, tickets for the 6th performance of Lim Young-woong's 2023 national concert 'IM HERO' in Seoul were sold out as soon as they opened at 8 pm on the 14th. It even happened There was an incident where the server crashed due to a sudden increase in concurrent users and the ticket booking page crashed.


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