Everyone gathered in front of the 'elevator' .... 'Chanllenge' trend with Baekho and everyone enjoying it


‘Elevator' remake announced… The highly addictive chorus attracted enthusiastic participation from the public.
가수 백호의 엘리베이터가 연예인들은 물론이고 대중까지 챌린지에 참여하며 열풍의 중심에 섰다.

[The FactㅣReporter Kim Saet-byeol] Singer Baekho is causing 'challenge fever' by gathering many people in front of the elevator.

Baekho released the digital single ‘Elevator’ on the 31st of last month. 'Elevator' is an exciting dance song of the new jack swing genre and is a remake of Park Jin-young's song released in 1995.

The addictive chorus that you'll never forget once you hear it and the witty, easy-to-follow choreography have made 'Elevator' the center of a trending craze. It is receiving good responses for its combination of homage to the original song, rhythmic performances that take advantage of trends, and fusion choreography that many people can enjoy.

Baekho includes Seventeen Hoshi and Dino, Fromis 9 Lee Sae-rom and Park Ji-won, Bumju, Enhyphen Jeongwon, Pentagon, Day6 Young K, STAYC Si-eun, Hi-Key Hwiseo, Lee Chan-won, Yerin, Jeon So -mi, NCT Taeyong, Mark, Hyoyeon, He also attracted attention when participating in the 'Elevator' challenge with celebrities such as Kim Jong-kook, GOT7's Youngjae, Seongho and Taesan of Boy Next Door.

Not just artists. The 'Elevator' challenge is spreading like a trend regardless of age or gender, leading K-pop fans to the elevator. Most of the challenge videos the public participated in were set in and around elevators, and showed people happily enjoying the song's concept and atmosphere.

In addition to the challenge fever, 'Elevator' is also showing its popularity when it returns on foreign charts. More than 15 days after its release, the song recently ranked second on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in the Dominican Republic, a South American region. The performance that shows Baekho's undiminished popularity has raised people's expectations even more.

Baekho is currently actively participating in many popular entertainment and content programs on YouTube.


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