Park Shin Hye, Lim Ji Yeon → Kim Nam Gil, Park Hae Jin will appear at '2023 The Fact Music Awards'

8 excellent actors appear in the first line-up

김남길, 박해진, 임지연, 김소현, 김건우, 김남희, 박형식, 박신혜(왼쪽 위부터 시계 방향)가 2023 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈에 시상자로 나선다. /각 소속사

Source: Actors' management companies

[The Fact - Jeong Byeong Geun Reporter] Actors Kim Nam Gil, Park Shin Hye, Park Hae Jin, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Hyung Sik, Kim So Hyun, Kim Nam Hee and Kim Gun Woo will attend the awards ceremony '2023 The Fact Music Awards'

On August 21, the organizers of The Fact Music Awards (TMA) said: "Kim Nam Gil, Park Shin Hye, Park Hae Jin, Im Ji Yeon, Park Hyung Sik, Kim So Hyun, Kim Nam Hee and Kim Gun Woo has joined the line-up of the first award recipients of '2023 The Fact Music Awards'. It is expected that the awards ceremony will shine even more with the participation of trustworthy and well-known actors. recent attention.

In 2009, Kim Nam Gil began to receive attention for his role as Bidam in the drama 'Queen Seondeok' and in 2019 and 2022 he won the Daesang award at the SBS Acting Awards respectively for his dramas. 'The Fiery Priest' and '

Through the Darkness'. Not only in dramas, the actor also became a top actor through on-screen films such as 'The Pirates', 'The Shameless', 'A murderer's guide to memory' and 'Emergency Declaration'...

Kim Nam Gil collaborated with Jung Woo Sung in the movie 'A Man of Reason' which premiered on the 15th of last month and is preparing to release a 9-episode drama called 'Song of the Bandits' on Netflix on September 22.

In 2004, Park Shin Hye attracted attention with her role as child Choi Ji Woo in the drama 'Stairway to heaven'. After that, each work she participated in such as 'Prince Hours', 'You're Beautiful', 'The Heirs', 'Pinocchio' and 'The Doctors' received many positive reviews. After becoming a "10 million actress" with the movie 'Miracle in cell No.7', and since the movie 'SISYPHUS: THE MYTH' ended in April 2011, she got married and had a child.

Park Shin Hye, who is filming the new drama 'Doctor Slump' (JTBC) with actor Park Hyung Sik - is attracting public expectations because she is expected to appear in public through the awards ceremony. a2023 The Fact Music Awards'.

Park Hae Jin won MBC's acting Daesang for the 2020 drama 'Kkondae Intern' and she is showing her acting ability with her dry and cold character in the drama 'The Killing Vote ' (SBS) broadcast last month. She attended The Fact Music Awards in 2021. At that time, it was an online awards ceremony, but this time she will meet the audience directly.

올해 최고의 활약을 한 8명의 배우들은 2023 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈에서 시상자로 나서 또 다른 매력으로 관객들을 만난다. 사진은 2022 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈 전경. /더팩트 DB

Source: The Fact DB

This year, Lim Ji Yeon created a fever when performing magical acting in the Netflix drama 'The Glory'. Then, in the movie 'Lies Hidden in My Garden', with the role of Chu Sang, she once again upgraded her lifelong character and continued with 'The Killing Vote', she became a noted actress. best idea this year. What we are looking forward to is not the works but what her image will look like when she appears at the awards ceremony.

Park Hyung Sik (member of group ZE:A) began to receive attention as an actor through the 2013 drama 'The Heirs' and solidified his position by portraying many characters. diverse as in 'What Happens to My Family?', 'High Society', 'Hwarang', 'Strong Woman DoBongSoon' , 'Suits' and 'Happiness'. Once again, after the drama 'Our Blooming Youth' finished airing last April, he attracted many positive reviews and he is also in the process of filming 'Doctor Slump' with Park Shin Hye .

Kim So Hyun started as a child actress and has grown through many diverse works. In 2019 and 2021, they won the excellence award and the best award at the KBS Drama Awards for the films 'The Tale of Nokdu' and 'River Where Moon Rises', respectively. Recently, she succeeded in returning after 2 years with a lively and talented image in the movie 'My Lovely Liar' (tvN).

Kim Nam Hee, who received praise for her role as Mori Takashi in 2018's biggest hit 'Mr. Sunshine', after that every work he participated in such as 'Search WWW', 'Sweet Home', 'The Law Cafe', 'Reborn Rich' left a strong impression and received the nickname of top actor's assistant. signal. He will team up with Kim Hee Sun as husband and wife in the new drama that is scheduled to air, 'Gaslighting'.

Known for the dramas 'Fight for My Way', Live and 'Less Than Evil', Kim Gun Woo began to receive attention for his role as villain Son Myung Oh in the drama 'The Glory'. Recently, he succeeded in changing his image with the musical 'The Days' and is cultivating his recognition with the audience.

2023 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈는 오는 10월 10일 인천 남동 체육관에서 개최된다. 레드카펫은 오후 4시 30분, 본 시상식은 오후 6시 30분부터 시작한다. /TMA 조직위

Source: TMA Organizing Committee

The '2023 The Fact Music Awards' awards ceremony after announcing the first line-up has increased the public's expectations for the line-up that will continue to appear in the future.

Previously, The Fact Music Awards 2023 announced the line-up of singers such as ATEEZ, ITZY, Treasure, NMIXX, Zero Base One, Xikers, Boy Next Door, Kwon Eun Bi, Jannabi, Aespa, Ive, New Jeans, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, Lim Young Woong, Lee Chan Won. We prepared a special stage that can only be enjoyed at '2023 The Fact Music Awards'.

The award ceremony '2023 The Fact Music Awards' will be held at Namdong Gymnasium, Incheon on October 10. The awards ceremony will start at 2:30 p.m. (Korean time) on the red carpet and 6:30 p.m. (Korean time).

The red carpet and awards ceremony can be viewed online. In Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand it can be viewed through the Idol Plus app and website. In Japan, the show can be broadcast live from the red carpet to the awards ceremony via video streaming service Lemino. The awards ceremony can be enjoyed live on TV at the music channel MUSIC ON! TV (MON!).


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