ONEUS reveals comeback scheduler for 7th mini album "TRICKSTER"... MAY comeback warm-up officially start!




The group ONEUS, which confirmed its comeback on the 17th of next month, unveiled its new scheduler and started preliminary comeback in earnest.

RBW, the agency, opened the scheduler image of ONEUS' seventh mini-album "TRICKSTER," which will be released on May 17th through ONEUS' official SNS at midnight on April 25th.

According to the released scheduler, ONEUS (Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong and Xion) will release the album track list, solo, unit, and group concept photos sequentially, starting with the visual teaser today (25th).

Expectations for an all-time comeback are soaring as it is then heralded that it will continue to showcase a variety of teasing contents including story films, music video teasers and highlight medley of highlights.

In particular, the Trump card design scheduler, which is connected to the concept of album, has #K, #Q, and #J symbols, hearts, and space patterns, which have exploded curiosity.

[Photo provided = RBW]


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