[2022 TMA] "A great combination of generations and nationalities" ... 'K-POP Grand Festival'




Fans all over the world responded to the colorful stage of K-pop stars.
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[The Fact | Reporter Park Jiyoon] The cheers filled the air. '2022 The Fact Music Awards', a festival created by artists and fans together, has ended successfully.
K-POP festival '2022 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS (TMA),' loved by abroad music fans was held on the 8th at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. The 10,000 spectators who filled the scene enjoyed the star festival while breathing closely with the artist.
In the '2022 The Fact Music Awards', 20 global artist teams representing Korea, including BTS, NCT DREAM, and Im Young-woong, along with 26 actors and celebrities with outstanding achievements in various fields from entertainment to movies and dramas will participate as MCs attracted the attention of fans.
In particular, this year's 'The Fact Music Awards' is held live for the first time after 3 and a half years since the first award ceremony, raising more expectations. After taking the first steps at Namdong Gymnasium, Incheon, in April 2019, the artists and fans who only met online due to Corona 19 could not hide their joy when enjoying the awards ceremony offline.
전 세계 K-POP 팬들이 지난 8일 2022 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈를 보기 위해 이른 아침부터 서울 올림픽체조경기장을 찾았다. /KSPO DOME=박지윤 기자


Source: KSPO DOME. Reporter Park Jiyoon
The participation of top Korean artists such as BTS, and NCT DREAM and the enthusiasm at The Fact Music Awards - which was held offline after 3 and a half years - became even more passionate. Although the awards ceremony officially started at 6:30 pm (KST), fans showed their excitement when visiting the Olympic stadium in Seoul early in the morning.
First, the fans of Im Young Woong, Young Tak, and Kim Ho Joong, respectively, wore blue, blue, and purple costumes to find the scene and attract all eyes. Fans who had prepared giant banners and balloons to cheer on the artist chanted the artist's name and sang together before the festival started, creating a waiting time that wasn't boring.
In addition, the lively exchange between fandoms also attracts attention. Each person will share the items they have prepared for many people, share various stories about each other's artists, and say, "I'll be cheering enthusiastically in a while. I'm looking forward to his stage."

임영웅, 영탁, 김호중(위쪽 부터)의 팬들이 옷을 맞춰입고 현수막과 굿즈 등을 준비하며 열띈 응원을 보여줬다. /KSPO DOME=박지윤 기자


Source: KSPO DOME. Reporter Park Jiyoon
Not only that, but the visit of fans of various nationalities was also impressive. Many fans have visited the scene like this, regardless of age or nationality, creating a place to communicate with the artist with the same heart towards the artist, showing the heat ahead of the festival despite Corona 19.
Then, when the festival opened, fans filled the stands by lighting up colorful cheering sticks. The artists gave brilliant and diverse performances that could only be watched that day. Fans responded with enthusiastic cheers and completed the award ceremony in line with the slogan "SHINING FOR ARTIST, EXCITING FOR FANS."
The audience enjoying the award ceremony shared their feelings, "We've been looking forward to seeing this wonderful line-up since before. It's great to be able to enjoy all the songs, from idols to trots and ballads. I also want to participate in The Fact Music Awards next year."
K-POP 아티스트와 전 세계 음악 팬들이 함께 만드는 음악 시상식 2022 더팩트 뮤직 어워즈가 8일 오후 서울 송파구 방이동 KSPO DOME(올림픽 체조경기장)에서 열려 대상을 수상한 방탄소년단을 비롯한 전 출연진들이 기념사진 촬영을 하고 있다. /KSPO DOME=배정한 기자

Source: KSPO DOME. Reporter Bae Jeong-han


Daesang: BTS | Bonsang Artist Of The Year: TREASURE, TXT, ITZY, PSY, IVE, ATEEZ, Kang Daniel, (G)I-DLE, The Boyz, Lim Young Woong, Stray Kids, NCT Dream, BTS | Next Leader Of The Year: NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, IVE | Hottest Award: TNX, Kep1er |  Worldwide Icon: NCT Dream | Best Performer: NCT Dream, ATEEZ | Hot Stage: PSY | Listener’s Choice: NCT Dream | LG U+ Idol Plus Popularity Award: BTS |  Fan N Star Choice: Jin, BTS | Fan N Star Global: BTS | Fan N Star Four N Star: Stray Kids | Fan N Star Angel: Kim Ho Joong, Young Tak, Lim Young Woong |  Fan N Star Trot Popularity: Lim Young Woong | Fan N Star Best Ads: Lim Young Woong | Fan N Star Most Voted: Hwang Chi Yeul, BTS, Lim Young Woong.



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