Hoping for Hyewon's first full album, "First of all," after 4 years of its debut! Proving the vast musical range


Singer Hyenn (Park Hye Won) is raising fans' expectations one day before the comeback.
Photo: New Order Entertainment
At 6 pm (KST) on the 23rd, Hyewon will release her first full album, "First of all," and officially begin promotional activities.
Before that, their comeback, Hyewon (Park Hye Won), received enthusiastic attention from fans when releasing various teasers and highlight medley videos. In particular, the first official album after 4 years of debut is expected to become a special album that proves the ability of the wide-ranging singer Hyenn (Park Hye Won).
Hyewon's first full album, "First of all," is an album that contains 11 tracks with various genres of music, such as ballads and rock with popular emotions that everyone can empathize with various moments of intense love like 'first love.'
In particular, through this album, Hyenn (Park Hye Won) demonstrated a special chemistry with top artists such as Yangpa, Car The Garden, and Cho Kwang Il. It is expected that the male singer will bring great emotion when expressing both his delicate emotions as well as his signature explosive high notes.
Besides, the public is focusing their attention on the achievement of HyNN (Park Hye Won) - who won No.1 on digital music charts and music programs through promotional activities for the show. MBC's WSG - will reap achievements with the first full album. Jo Kwang Il - the winner of "Show Me The Money 10" in the title song "Goodbye (Feat. Cho Kwang Il)" this time - participated in the rap feature, thereby drawing attention when expressing his dedication. attract public attention.
On the other hand, at 6 pm (KST) on the 23rd, Hyenn will release her first full album, "First of all," and hold her year-end solo concert, "First of all," at Blue Square Master Card Hall, Seoul for two days.


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