Kim Kang-woo has confirmed the casting for the movie 'Tyrant'... Director Park Hoon-jung and Kim Seon-ho reunite.


He plans to play Paul, a Korean-American agent.
배우 김강우가 박훈정 감독의 새 영화 폭군에 출연한다. /더팩트 DB

Source: The Fact DB

[The Fact ㅣ Reporter Kim Saet-byeol] Actor Kim Kang-woo joined the movie 'Tyrant' and reunited with Kim Seon-ho.

On the 23rd, management company IOK Company announced, "Kim Kang-woo will appear in 'Tyrant,' a new film by director Park Hoon-jung, who directed the 'New World' series and 'Witch.'

Kim Kang-woo will play Paul, a Korean-American agent. On top of that, since Kim Kang-woo previously worked with directors Park Hoon-jung and Kim Seon-ho in the movie 'Sad Tropical', more attention was focused on the breathing rhythms of the three reunited with 'Tyrant.'

Kim Kang-woo recently challenged a new genre of content with 'Far East,' an audio drama based on cryptocurrency hacking.

He will also make a special appearance as Jung Ha-sang, grandson of Jeong Yak-yong, in the movie 'Birth', about the life of Cha Sung Kim Dae-gun, which will be released on the 30th.

Accordingly, Kim Kang-woo is having a busy day when visiting the Vatican with the 'Birth' team, meeting Pope Francis, and having his first preview.


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