Kang Ji-yeon, released the song 'The Manager Won't Leave Me Alone'.


TBS's signature show 'Park Seong-ho Kang Ji-yeon's 9595 Show' DJ. Seoul National University English Language and Literature Resource, multi-talented 'sexy woman with brain'. 
TBS의 간판 라디오프로그램 박성호 강지연의 9595쇼(연출 김경래)를 진행하고 있는 강지연 아나운서는 최근 트로트 음원 부장님은 날 가만 안 놔둬를 발표했다. /TBS 제공

Source: provided by TBS 
[The FactㅣReporter Kang Il-hong] TBS announcer Kang Ji-won, who is nicknamed 'Sexy Brain' for her multi-talented talent, has announced that she will also become a TV personality become a singer. 
Broadcaster Kang, who is hosting TBS' featured radio show 'Park Seong-ho and Kang Ji-yeon's 9595 Show' (directed by Kim Kyung-rae), recently released a trot audio source, The Manager Won't Leave Me Alone. 
This song is an adaptation of the song 'Men Don't Leave Me Alone' by singer Yoon Soo-hyun, and announcer Kang Ji-yeon debuted as a singer and lyricist by writing. The lyrics contain the joy and sorrow of an announcer. 
Like the original song, producer Hong Ik-seon and composer Noh Sang-gon of 'Cheontae Man-sang' participated in the production process. 
Kang Ji-yeon sang this song live in '9595 Show by Park Seong-ho and Kang Ji-yeon' under her charge and received enthusiastic praise from listeners. This MV created by weaving live video is also receiving great love from listeners. 
Listeners said, "An announcer is funnier than a comedian... She is a 'dog announcer'!", "It's a waste to be just an announcer when she's so great! talented", "The broadcaster Kang Ji-yeon, who has great entertainment, is a sexually intelligent girl from Seoul National University?"
Broadcaster Kang Ji-yeon is a financier majoring in English Language and Literature at Seoul National University. During his time as a broadcaster for TBS, he showed his versatility by evenly absorbing the news and entertainment programs. Since last March, he has hosted TBS's signature show 'Park Seong-ho Kang Ji-yeon's 9595 Show'. 
'We are looking forward to his performance in 'Park Seong-ho Kang Ji-yeon's 9595 Show', which is broadcast on TBS FM95.1 Mhz from 12:00 to 2:00 PM every day.


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