Park Chang-geun Angel, sharing the 'warmth' of 50 boxes of ramen noodles for underprivileged children and teenagers


On the 16th, a sharing ceremony was held at the Single Household Support Center in Gwangjin-gu.
가수 박창근의 선한영향력으로 소외계층 아동들에게 라면 50박스가 전달됐다. /팬앤스타

Source: FannStar
[The Facts | [Reporter Lee Na-rae] On the 16th, at the Single Household Support Center in Gwangjin-gu, Angel Park Chang-geun's delivery ceremony was held. Park Chang-geun Angel participated in the project of sharing ramen hope for disadvantaged children and youth in the area for one month last December through 'FannStar-Angel & Star'. As a global singer, Park Chang-geun attended a meaningful event with the support of not only domestic fans but also foreign fans.
Park Chang-geun's fans participated in a meaningful event with their hearts cheering for Park Chang-geun. When 50 boxes of ramen from Angel Park Chang-geun arrived, the children and young people at the welfare center were overjoyed and happy.
박창근 엔젤은 소외계층 아동들에게 라면 50박스를 전달했다. 오른쪽 사진은 박창근 전광판 특전이다. /팬앤스타

Source: FannStar
In addition, Park Chang-geun Angel, including Park Chang-geun fans, announced Yeongtak's 'good influence' through the 'Hapjeong Station Board of Directors' from the 16th to the 22nd.


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