The difference between Vietnamese and Korean Lunar New Year


Are Korean New Year and Vietnamese New Year different?


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Seollal (설날) is the name for the Lunar New Year or Lunar New Year in Korea.

Traditional Korean New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival in Korea are the two most important festivals of the land of kimchi. On this day, Koreans usually only have 4-5 days off to have time to visit family and gather together to greet the passing of an old year and welcome a new year.


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About a week before Seollal is also the time when shopping centers, shops, supermarkets and markets in Korea become the most crowded and bustling. Family members all go shopping at this time, both to prepare decorations for Tet but also to buy gifts for family members and friends.

So what will Vietnamese Tet be like?


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Traditional Tet is a holiday used by Vietnamese people to celebrate the transition between the old year and the new year. Traditional Tet sometimes lasts from December to the end of March of the lunar calendar.

Today, the time to celebrate the traditional Tet in Vietnam has almost shortened, only about 7-10 days. Some regions still keep the custom of celebrating Tet longer, about half a month or a little more. In addition to the meaning of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the coming of the new year, the Vietnamese traditional New Year also has the meaning of reunion, reunion and meeting in joy.

On the occasion of the Traditional New Year, Vietnamese people are like Koreans, no matter how far they work, they try to return to their homeland to gather with their families to welcome the new year. Then, on Tet days, Vietnamese people give up all their work, let their souls be comfortable, relax and have fun, go to each other to wish each other Tet. Many festivals are held on the occasion of Traditional New Year depending on the characteristics of each locality.

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