'Fantasy Boys', simultaneous broadcast on Abema TV

Following the Japanese news, 'Killer Content' quickly emerged overseas

Project 'Idol Survival', the debut of a global boy group.


소년판타지가 한국과 일본에서 동시 방송된다. 방과후 설렘 두 번째 시즌 소년판타지는 글로벌 보이그룹 탄생을 위한 아이돌 서바이벌 프로젝트다. /펑키스튜디오

Source: Funky Studio

[The FactㅣReporter Kang Il-hong] 'Fantasy Boys' will be broadcast simultaneously in Korea and Japan.

On the 9th, Funky Studio, the production company of 'Fantasy Boys - My Teenage Girl Season 2' , said, "'Fantasy Boys' will be broadcast for the first time on the radio. MBC on the 23rd, will also be broadcast live through Japan's largest internet platform AbemaTV.

Abema is Japan's largest OTT platform providing media such as movies, dramas, animations and variety shows. Once 'Fantasy Boys' is confirmed to be broadcast in Japan, it is expected that foreign interest in domestic shows will increase even more.

The second season of 'My Teenage Girl', 'Fantasy Boys' is an idol survival project for the birth of a global boy group.

From the production stage, about 1,000 applicants from all over the world gathered, and as soon as the participants were announced, the names of some of the participants and the program were trending real-time on Twitter in Japan.

In addition, the "FANTASY" music video of the pre-released signal song has exceeded 1.17 million views as of March 9th, and the total number of views of the videos released on the official SNS has exceeded 9 million.

Even before the broadcast, MBC 'Show! 'Fantasy Boys', appeared on 'Show! Music Core' and has proven a theme, will exclusively release a pre-release video on Line Music in Japan.

'Fantasy Boys' will be broadcast for the first time on Thursday, the 23rd at 10:00pm on MBC and AbemaTV in Japan.


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