BTS's J-Hope shares enlistment day 'It's time to prepare'


This is the second member of the team to perform military service.

BTS J-Hope informed fans that the (enlistment) date has already come out through Weavers Live broadcast. /TheFactDB

Source: The Fact DB

BTS's J-Hope has informed fans of his enlistment date.

On the 16th, J-Hope interacted with fans through the weverse global fandom live show and shared, "I can't say the details, but the date of enlistment is time."

He added, "Since Jin enlisted. I made that decision because I wanted to come back quickly and give people a better image."

In addition, J-Hope spoke on the phone with Jin, who is serving in the military, saying, "As soon as that announcement was made, I contacted Jin and asked him about what he needed when he enlisted."

And J-Hope added, "I've carefully prepared a lot of content that you want to watch during your enlistment. I shoot a lot.''

Finally, he said, "During my time in the military, my goals didn't age. I'm going to stay in good shape so I don't get old," he said.

Earlier, on 26/3, through the official fan page, BTS's agency Big Hit Music announced: "J-Hope has completed an application to cancel the postponement of enlistment." They said: "We will guide news regarding enlistment as soon as it is decided."

As such, J-Hope is expected to perform his second military service after Jin, who first enlisted on December 13, 12.


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