n.SSign, No. 1 in ‘FanNStar’ New Star Ranking for 5 consecutive weeks

Received 558,184 votes in the New Star ranking vote in the first week of July


Source: FanNStar


[The Fact | [Reporter Na-rae] The boy group n.SSign took first place in the New Star Ranking of the weekly idol ranking site ‘Fan N Star’ for 5 consecutive weeks.



n.SSign ranked first with 558,184 votes in the 'Fan N Star' New Star ranking held in the first week of July from the 1st to the 8th. Next, Zero Base One took second place with 192,656 votes, and NexZ came in third place with 177,642 votes.



The New Star Ranking is a vote to select promising rookies among new idols who debuted in 2023. 'Fan N Star' will run advertisements on electronic display boards in waiting rooms at 42 stations on Seoul Subway Line 2 if an artist ranks first in the New Star rankings for 5 consecutive weeks (however, if they receive more than 2.5 million cumulative votes), and if they rank first for 10 consecutive weeks (however, if they receive more than 2.5 million cumulative votes), they will be promoted to (more than 5 million votes). The news is announced through an advertisement on M Screen at Hongdae Station, Mapo-gu, Seoul.



There are also perks provided to all artists who reach a certain number of votes, regardless of ranking. If you reach 10 million cumulative votes, you will receive the Megabox electronic display in Sinchon, Mapo-gu, Seoul, and the Mirae Plaza electronic display in Hongdae Station, Mapo-gu, Seoul, if you reach 30 million cumulative votes. If you reach 70 million cumulative votes, you will receive special benefits at N Square in Hongdae Station, Mapo-gu, Seoul.



Along with the news of n.SSign's first place, fans who participated in the vote sent congratulations through the official 'FanNStar' text message. The nickname ‘Jellie Po’ said, “Let’s take first place for 10 consecutive weeks.”



Meanwhile, 'Fan N Star' is a weekly idol ranking site operated by <The Fact>, which conducts idol voting and electronic display support and is known as a playground for all K-pop fandoms. Voting for group, solo, and New Star Ranking begins every Monday, and any fan who likes idols can participate.


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