[Special ADs.] JIY birthday project


Event Period 2024-07-01 ~ 2024-08-04
Current Stars ★ 330,000

It's JIY's birthday project.

We need your participation.
Thank you.


BY. Happy_JIY_DAY2024

Mirae Plaza in Hongdae (3 day)

Location : Exit 8 (Yug-Uidang Building) at Hongdae entrance, line 2.
Show time : 3 days / 100 times or more

Rainbow Star 210,000
A term : 2024-08-17 ~ 2024-08-19

  • 유료별 210,000

Hongik University Digital Guidance Map Advertisement on Line 2

Features: Digital advertisement for the comprehensive information map located in the waiting room of Hongdae Station (three pages)
*The comprehensive guide is a digital type of device that guides you around areas outside of advertising, exit lights, etc.

Exposure: 15 days / 1-day exposure about 180 times a day

Rainbow Star 120,000
A term : 2024-08-10 ~ 2024-08-24

  • 유료별 120,000
*The design material of the product is provided by the 양준일 공식팬카페 판타자이 before proceeding.
- ADs. is a special project with fans cheering and love.
- Rainbow stars cannot be canceled.
- If you fail to achieve your goal, all rainbow stars will be returned.
- If the products for which advertising is confirmed, the number of rainbow stars whose product points are exceeded can be moved by that number of rainbow stars.
- Except for products with fixed advertising, each rainbow donated to the rest of the Ads will be collected after the project is closed.
(In some cases, the poor quality of the product makes it impossible to proceed with the advertisement.)
Additional advertising will be carried out according to the number of rainbows collected.(Excluding quality products)
The priority of the advertising process is as follows:
1. The highest number of stars gathered.
2. Commodity commensurate with collected rainbow prices.
3. During the advertising products in the project, a product that can be carried out unconditionally by the number of stars collected.
- If there is no further ad, the remaining rainbow stars will not be reimbursed.
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