CLASS:y "Shut down" MV Global K-pop fans were surprised... Dimensionally different Hollywood blockbuster scale




M25, a management company of CLASS:y ( Won Ji-min, Myung Hyung-seo, Yoon Chae-won, Kim Li-won, Kim Seon-yoo, Park Bo-eun, Hong Hye-joo), released a music video for the title song "SHUT DOWN" of their debut album "CLASS IS OVER" on May 5th.

It was like watching a Hollywood blockbuster. An interesting story of CLASS:y members escaping the virtual world that was "Shut Down" with zombies unfolded. It created a movie-like feeling with overwhelming scale, colorful CG, and a magnificent transition effect.

Performance and visuals were also different classes. CLASS:y caught the attention of K-pop fans with their powerful group dance and skillful facial expressions. It entertained fans' eyes with colorful fashion reminiscent of school uniforms, chic girl crush looks, and Haute Couture dresses.

CLASS:y released debut album "CLASS IS OVER" at 6 pm on the 5th as the debut group of MBC's girl audition "After School Excitement." "SHUT DOWN" is a song produced by hit maker Ryan Jeon of NCT and Ive and is a K-WOOD (K-Pop + Bollywood) dance song that adds a colorful Bollywood feel to popular K-pop.

[Photo provided by M25]


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